This Week in South Sudan – Week 9

Monday 24 February

  • The proposal of an interim government excluding Riek Machar and Salva Kiir was rejected by the South Sudan government. They expressed that they will not accept a solution which does not involve Salva Kiir.
  • The South Sudan Army (SPLA) reported that they had killed at least 200 rebels supporting SPLA/M-in-Opposition who had attacked in Gardiang, Jonglei.

 Tuesday 25 February

  • Francis Ayul, the mining and petroleum minister in Upper Nile, was fired by President Salva Kiir.
  • 68,000  were reported to have fled their homes in Duk county (Jonglei State) after clashes 24 Feburary.

Wednesday 26 February

 Thursday 27 February

Friday 28 February

  •  Sudan Tribune reported that the US intends to withdraw its military aid to South Sudan

 Saturday 1 March

  •  Youths in Jonglei attacked the rebel forces, killing 15 and released James Cuei Leek, the Duk chief who has been detained by rebels loyal to the SPLM/A in Opposition.

 Sunday 2 March

  • SPLM/A in Opposition supports the formation of an interim government on the condition that it is without Salva Kiir.
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